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 Sterling Silver, 
White or Yellow Gold
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 10KT, 14Kt & 18Kt

And In The
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1 - 1/2" And 2"

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Custom Design Ladies Style Rings

 Each Custom Designed Professional Style Ring is manufactured to your specifications. 

Each ring is a unique, one of a kind, handcrafted creation. These Professional style rings 

usually weigh anywhere from 15 to 20grms in 14Kt gold. They can be made in Sterling Silver, 10KT, 14KT and even 18K White or Yellow Gold. For personalization, Diamonds or other precious stones can be added as well.

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Custom Designed Rings 

Ladies Style

Available in Sterling Silver And 
10, 14, or 18Kt. Gold

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*Additional Non Refundable Artwork Fee $75-$250, 

depending on intricacy of detail requested on top and panels. 

For Sterling Silver add $20.00 per size for sizes over size 7
For 10 or 14 Kt. Gold add $40.00 per size for sizes over size 7


Ladies  Rings

Sizes  5-6-7














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